What I Do

I’m a thoroughly practiced writer and editor with a strong background in games of all kinds. Though I used to work in literary and academic fiction and non-fiction, I’ve spent the past few years writing critique and commentary about games – video games, tabletop games, and more. I’ve been in jobs from editor-in-chief of a literary journal to senior editor of a videogames website, but nowadays I do freelance work across a variety of subjects. I’m available for writing, editing, development, consultation, and critique in the games space – and elsewise.

If you’re curious, here’s some of what I’ve gotten up to recently:

Recent Writing


  • Some colleagues and I recently started crowdfunded RPG content studio Gorgon Breath Games for when we’re full and fit to burst with game ideas. Our goal is to give away everything we make for free, one day.


  • I copy-edited Autarch LLC‘s pike-and-shot mass combat supplement Guns of War. They liked that work enough that I’m now development-to-release editing their upcoming Barbarian, Conqueror, King sourcebook.
  • I’ll be consulting and doing rules editing for Passion Project Studios‘ upcoming second edition of Super Fantasy Rumble.

Miscellaneous Writing

Game Reviews & Previews

And, as always, I tweet more than I should.